About me

Gregor de Weger

Technical level - & game designer

My name is Gregor de Weger, I am a creative professional with 3 years of academic game development experience in game design and technical level design.

I study at Breda University of Applied Sciences (formerly known as NHTV) since 2017. Throughout this study I improved my game and level design skills, worked with relatively big multi-disciplinary teams and led a couple projects.

Video games are my first and foremost passion. Having the chance to make them, create the best player experience in a world I created is something I very much enjoy. Doing this in a creative environment where hard work and passion for making amazing games is valued motivates me to perform at my best.

I am currently looking for an internship starting in September 2020.









Technical level design

I am an all round level designer with technical skills to make the world interactable. I have experience in making puzzle-adventure games, action games and shooters.

Game design

I am proficient within a variety of design roles, from gameplay to systems and designed different games like boss-fighter games or third-person shooters.

Lead designer

During my academic time I have a led a couple projects with large multi-disciplinary teams. Giving me a good understanding of the process of making games.


I am able to quickly adjust and fit in anywhere. In doing so I learned basic animating, basic C++ and creating basic AI behaviors.


I can confidently present a product and create a presentation that fits and represents the product well.

Agile development

I am experienced in many development methods like Scrum or kanban. I have experience as a producer and scrum master able to fit in either one of the roles.


Unreal Engine 4

2016 – Present


2018 – Present

Atlassian JIRA

2018 – Present

MS Office

2012 – Present


2015 – Present

Perforce & Helix swarm

2017 – Present


2015 – Present

Google Suite

2015 – Present

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