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Arma 3 level

Technical Level Designer | Eden Editor | WIP | June 2020

This level is a self guided study project where I:

  • Designed a sandbox level with an approach that rewards exploration.
  • Scripting moments, events and the mission outline in the custom Eden editor scripting language.
  • Scripted AI pathing, placement and behavior.
  • Area set dressing, audio and more to create a more immersive scenario.



Level Designer | Unreal Engine 4 | 8 Weeks | May 2019

Lumberjacked is an academic project where I:

  • Created whitebox puzzle and combat moments using Unreal Engine 4.
  • Supported a multi disciplinary team of 27 to a succesful release on and achieve a feature in Epic’s student sizzle reel next to an inhouse best game art and audience favourite award of the year.
  • Balanced the character feel and throw through active playtesting and iterating.
  • Engaged and managed the Q&A process by managing the bug list and prioritising it, setting up test plans and external Q&A testers.



Level Designer | Unreal Tournament | 8 Weeks | Sept. 2018

DM-Blimp is an academic project where I:

  • Created a level concept for Unreal Tournament and whiteboxed it through an iterative approach.
  • Active user testing with retired professionals of the game.


Level Designer | Unreal Engine 4 | 32 Weeks | Sept. 2019

P.A.I.N.T. is an academic project where I:

  • Designing and prototyping of game mechanics and features.
  • Creation of level interactables and integration of objectives by using visual scripting.
  • Design and whitebox level design, collaborate on the art pass and deliver 3 out of 4 finished areas.
  • Support a multi disciplinary team of 25 through pre-production.
  • Oversaw level QA, including swarm reviews, testing and bug list management.

Game jams

Game Design | Unreal Engine 4 | 48 hours | 2019-2020

The game jam projects are short projects created in a limited time frame where I:

  • Quick and stable creation of small game loops using Unreal Engine visual scripting.
  • Rapid level design that facilitated the gameplay with distinct area’s and mechanics.
  • Variety of tasks like AI design and implementation, Audio and 3D art.

Robot madness

Game Design | Unreal Engine 4 | 8 Weeks | May 2018

Robot Madness is an academic project where I:

  • Designed, implemented and animated a boss encounter. 
  •  Set the game balance and implemented part of the player character.
  • Implemented audio and visual player feedback.
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