About me

My name is Gregor de Weger, I am a game design/development student at IGAD (Breda University of Applied Sciences). I started making games in 2015 as a hobby and I plan to make this my profession after finishing my bachelor.

I have familiarised myself with roles such as: Game designer, Level designer, Lead designer and producer. During academic projects I focussed more on leading roles to learn about multi-disciplinairy work, production and development whilst still working on my design skills. I specialise in the roles of game designer and level designer.

I am looking for an internship starting September 2020.



Game design

During my studies at IGAD, I became profficient within different game design roles in a wide variety of projects. I have designed different types of games, from boss fights to action puzzle games. Using this experience, I can fit within every project and add value to the team as a game designer.

Project management

I was involved into management in all my projects during my academic time. Getting a good grasp on how to manage a team, plan for and with a team but most importantly review and assess how we can improve the team.

Level design

Level design is a role I specialise in as well. Much like game design I spent a lot of time during my studies on level design. I made levels for arena shooters, 90s FPS genre and action puzzle games.

Agile Development

I have gained experience with Scrum, Kanban, Lean, Waterfall and LeSS during my years at IGAD. I gained this experience as a producer, scrum master and as part of the team, this makes me experienced of both sides of these methodologies and able to adjust to different methodologies with ease. I am also adjusted to a variety of development tools which can be seen below.


I have pitched many products and projects during my academic years. From elevator pitching to full product showcases I have experience in both. Besides presenting I am profficient in creating these presentations.

Source control

As the tools bellow show, I am accustomed to the use of different source control programs. I started using these in 2017.


I can read advanced code and program beginner level code in a couple programming languages: C#, C++, html, css and php.


I am able to create basic models and adjust more advanced models in autodesk maya and blender.


English - Proficient

Dutch - Native

German - Intermediate


Game engines

Project management tools

Unreal Engine

2016 - Present


2015 - Present


Atlassian JIRA

2018 - Present


2015 - Present

Audio software

Creative Cloud


2016 - Present

FL Studio

2014 - Present


2018 - Present


2019 - Present

Modeling software

Code editors

Autodesk Maya

2018 - Present


2017 - Present

Visual studio

2014 - Present

PHP storm

2016 - Present

Version control

Documentation tools


2017 - Present

Helix Swarm

2017 - Present

MS Office

2012 - Present

Google Suite

2015 - Present

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