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Technical Level designer

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March 2021


Operation Humanitarian Liberty: How the pickup of humanitarian relief can go very wrong.
As the civilians suffer more every day it is up to you to get the supplies from an incoming shipment. However, contact is lost with the town and the insurgents are the expected cause. Get in, get the supplies and get out.
In this action-packed mission, the player has to improvise and adapt to different situations to make it out alive.

This scenario is a side project I worked on independently concurrent to my education. I was interested in expanding my scripting and level design knowledge in an open world and Arma 3s Eden editor felt like a suitable platform to do this.


  • Design of the mission concept and scenario flow.
  • Scripted moments to tailor and improve the user experience.
  • Set AI patrols and combat encounters.
  • Designing a semi sandbox experience where exploration gets rewarded.
  • Scripting a multi part mission with a playtime of 30+ minutes.


Design of the mission and scenario flow

The design goal of this scenario was to create a high paced action-driven scenario where the player’s choices would impact the outcome. By throwing the player into different situations and surprising them with moments I tried to keep the player engaged and interested.

By scripting the mission outline first and all essential elements like highlighted moments and combat encounters I could start to test early on and apply layers of content and quality once it was proven to work.

40+ scripts to support gameplay and mission flow

Examples of these are but not limited to:

Protecting the player:
I created aditional scripts to make sure the player cannot accidentally break the mission. Examples are being unable to leave a vehicle, temporary invulnerability and a warning when the player leaves the mission area.

Unit captures & animations:
I created unit captures so the AI would follow the exact behaviour that is set to ensure that set pieces would be executed correctly. 

Spawning and initialising:
With the aim of keeping a solid framerate, I used scripts to spawn in and delete entitities. However, I load in the biggest visual elements when the mission is initialised to not have any frame drops when playing. I also used this for visual storytelling as you could see the ship with the drop off come close to the harbour at the start of the mission.

Setpieces and objectives:
In the mission I created a couple set pieces. During this I use triggers to create a wave system for enemies that want to destroy the outpost. These triggers used were also used for voice lines, AI behaviors, sound and assigning/completing missions.

high player agency in a semi sandbox experience

Minute to minute
For this moment I am taking the example of the player capturing the outpost and having to defend it after. The player can take many different routes to the outpost. Whether they go in from the side and avoid a frontal confrontation or take the high ground and engage from a longer distance.

I tailored my experience around the choices made there. If the player picks the frontal confrontation he will find anti-tank weaponry to defend against incoming armour, but if you go the stealthy route you will not find anything in your path to take on vehicles and you have to search or flee the outpost, which is also a possibility as you can fail tasks in the mission.

Hour to hour
When making choices in the mission like fleeing the outpost and not defending it will impact the final task of the mission. By making the player do sub-tasks he will not go defend the harbour right away and get an advantage when escaping, when the player goes to the harbour directly the confrontation will be more difficult and getting out alive will be a bigger challenge.

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