Robot madness

Game Designer

Game Designer

Unreal Engine 4

12 person team

8 Weeks


Robot Madness was a project I worked on in my first year studying at BUAS. We had to create a project in 8 weeks time and every 2 weeks some projects would get cut.



The goal of the game is to defeat the big single boss in the middle of the level. The player is moving quick and rolling around in a donut shaped arena while avoiding attacks the boss throws at him. Each level has its own unique feeling with its own boss. This boss has his own moveset and attacks. One boss has a minigun but the other has a mortar arm.

My part

  • Created a level with a unique boss I designed
  • Designed and implemented gunplay
  • Animations for the boss character
  • Scoped the project, managed the team and setup base production practice
  • Created and implemented all audio


Created one unique boss with his own moveset

The boss I made in the game is the mortar arm boss. This boss fires different shells up in the air aiming to strike down the player. When designing this boss I started with the moves I wanted and the moves to match the intended gameplay. Where the player shoots when the boss is idle but when he attacks the player has to find a safe spot. I intended him to feel different, where as attacks from the other bosses were always in a line, I wanted to have smaller circles that would be hazardous and have the other arm, which is a regular arm, to give the same line attack.

When implementing I used a tool made by one of the programmers in my team. Where I could animate the robot and his states. I gave every move a pre move so the player could recognize the move and anticipate on it. I also included some idle moments where for example the boss points his mortar arm at the player. During these moments the player has a larger window to take out the weak spots on the boss.

I covered a big variety of roles in the project

As with most academic projects in smaller teams you have to be versatile. During the project I had different responsibilities:
   – Character feel & implementation: I balanced the character and general feel of the game
   – Gunplay: I designed the gunplay and implemented it to match the intended gameplay
   – Production: I scoped out the project aimed to deliver a polished product and managed the team.
   – Audio: I implemented the core basic audio giving the correct audio visual feedback.



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