Unannounced project

Game / Level designer

PC, PS5, XBOX series X

Game/Level Designer

Unreal Engine 5

Jan 2021 - Present


During my internship at Warcave I was able to start a new project and create the proof of concept prototype. After I got the job to continue to work on the project to the next milestone, the vertical slice. Because this project is under NDA I am unable to elaborate much.


  • Blueprinting/scripting prototype mechanics for both level and gameplay.
  • Prototyping the core loop of the game and technical systems.
  • Level and game feature implementation.
  • Creating level blockouts and content creation pipeline.
  • Establish a game vision by following the fun
  • Art asset validation and implementation.
  • Supporting a team through the concepting and vertical slice phases of development


Blueprinting/scripting prototype mechanics

Some of the things I kept in mind when working at Warcave in a prototype setting:

  • Following the fun and having an almost onion like design, where we start small and start adding layers with weekly playtesting.
  • Keeping a quick and iterative approach.
  • Starting with the minimum playable version and start working from there, find the fun and start building on that.
  • Setting up my work in a collaborative way and keeping items separate to keep an organised and clear environment. 
  • Keep code dry, simple and to the point, so everyone can understand and work with it. Separate concerns and make it modular and reusable.

 I worked a lot with a variety of data structures, events, blueprint / code communication, raycasting, simulations and more. As it is a prototype do not solely get it working, I also try to find the errors you will encounter later in development or learn how to do it properly in the production project.

Creating levels and content

To establish fitting level design, tackle production issues and plan content that would be fun I took these steps:
  • Started with researching the time period of the game and reference titles.
  • Create 3 levels, one which is very complex and will showcase errors you will find in production, one gameplay map, which resembles the gameplay you aim for, this is a smaller map as you will make many iterations and one test level in which new features get tested.
  • Get all 3 levels fully playable will all prototype features in it.
  • Sync up with the art team and start setting up a production pipeline keeping in mind all errors and issues you found when creating the levels.
  • Start to filter with the level and experimentation, create different gameplay maps and look for elements the player finds fun.
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