Gregor de Weger

A game developer with 4+ years of experience, working on over 15 different games, with 4 published titles. Experienced in Unity and Unreal Engine 4/5.


Unnanounced project

Game/Level Designer | Unreal Engine 5 | March 2021 - Present


  • Developed level whiteboxes and communicated with artists throughout the art pass to create a variety of levels and experiences.
  • Work closely with other disciplines to establish and iterate on the game vision.
  • Responsible for all levels and (technical) game design throughout the prototyping and vertical slice stages of development


Level Designer | Unreal Engine 4 | 32 Weeks | Sept. 2019

In this cooperative third-person shooter, you take control of the P.U.N.K.’s. Rebels that shoot their way through an evil factory with high-powered paint blasters. Sabotage the tyrannical corporation and fight your way through their factory to achieve the highest chaos score!


  • Designing and prototyping of game mechanics and features.
  • Creation of level interactables and integration of objectives by using visual scripting.
  • Design and whitebox level design, collaborate on the art pass and create 80% of all level content.
  • Support a multi disciplinary team of 25 through pre-production.
  • Oversaw level QA, including swarm reviews, testing and bug list management.

Game jams

General Game Design | Unreal Engine 4 | 48 hours | 2019-2020

Your child has been taken by researchers on the artic! Slap your way through scientists and protect your home! Home is family and they have taken it from you. Combo your way up by hitting enemies until you can reach your power form, where you are able to slide your enemies to pieces.


  • Quick and stable creation of small game loops using Unreal Engine visual scripting.
  • Rapid level design that facilitated the gameplay with distinct area’s and mechanics.
  • Variety of tasks like AI design and implementation, Audio and 3D art.

Black Legend

Game/Level Designer | Unreal Engine 4 | 8 Weeks | Jan 2021


  • Support and help design for a multi disciplinary team with their post launch updates leading to a significant increase in positive reviews.
  • Improve level encounters by rebalance and add more variety to gameplay.
  • Plan and prioritise an update schedule keeping various items into account like localisation, feature complexity and more.

Arma 3 Scenario

Technical Level Designer | Eden Editor | June 2020

A high action tense, singleplayer mission where the player has to survive after picking up a shipment goes wrong.


  • Designed a sandbox level with an approach that rewards exploration.
  • Scripting moments, events and the mission outline in the custom Eden editor scripting language.
  • Scripted AI pathing, placement and behavior.
  • Area set dressing, audio and more to create a more immersive scenario.


Level Designer | Unreal Engine 4 | 8 Weeks | May 2019

The story of two buff lumberjack bros who have their prized artefact, the fridge stolen by the beer king. In this co-operative puzzle action-adventure game, you have to throw everything you have (and can find) at the woodland cronies of the beer king and the puzzles that stand in your way. Including your bro.


  • Created whitebox puzzle and combat moments using Unreal Engine 4.
  • Supported a multi disciplinary team of 27 to a succesful release on and achieve a feature in Epic’s student sizzle reel next to an inhouse best game art and audience favourite award of the year.
  • Balanced the character feel and throw through active playtesting and iterating.
  • Engaged and managed the Q&A process by managing the bug list and prioritising it, setting up test plans and external Q&A testers.


  • (Technical) Level Design

    Created level content for a variety of genres like action/adventure, shooters and exploration. Next to that I bring 3D art, scripting and animating skills giving me the technical tools to create and implement a full gameplay experience.

  • Game Design

    Proficient experience within a variety of game design roles in different projects. I have worked on puzzle games, shooters and more. Making me able to fit within every project and add value to the team.

  • Project Management

    By picking up roles like lead or project manager I got a good overview of game development in multi disciplinary teams.

  • Agile Scrum

    I have gained experience with Scrum, Kanban, Lean, Waterfall and LeSS during my academic years. I had the responsibility of different roles too like Scrum master or producer, being able to see both perspectives.

  • Public Speaking

    Able to speak and represent a product in front of large crowds or do smaller pitches for teams. I can quickly get the point across and create a presentation matching it.

  • Whitebox Level Design

    Proficient in a variety of level editors and able to create level concepts and test those as block out or white box. I always use an iterative user testing-based approach to make sure my work is of high quality and communicated before it gets art passed.

  • Rapid Prototyping

    Whether it is visual scripting or code, I am able to create prototypes or experiences that require testing.

  • 3D Art

    Able to quickly create 3D models required for level block-outs in Maya or Blender. I can also improve those models and texture those using Photoshop or Substance Painter.

  • Scripting

    I can create gameplay moments, mechanics and other features in C#, Lua and Unreal Blueprinting.

  • Source Control

    Experienced using a variety of source control like Perforce or Git with the inclusion of swarm reviews to ensure a stable product.



Unreal Engine 4/5

Project management


Version control

Perforce client
Helix Swarm



3D art

Autodesk Maya
Adobe Creative Cloud


Office Suite
Google Suite








Gregor de Weger

Technical level & game designer

My name is Gregor de Weger, I am a creative professional with 4 years of game development experience in game design and (technical) level design.  

Recently graduated cum laude from Breda University of Applied Sciences. Throughout this study, I improved my game and level design skills, worked with big multi-disciplinary teams and led a couple of projects. Started off with getting a solid foundation in game and level design skills but also diversified my skillset by learning 3D modelling and texturing, animation and the basics of programming languages such as C#.

After completing my internship at Warcave I was able to stay as game/level designer where I was responsible for all game and level content. During this period I supported the team through the concepting phase and vertical slice.

Video games are my first and foremost passion. It has always been a consistent part of my life. Whether it was playing, making levels in ingame editors or play games with a restriction to change the challenges and experience. I find one thing very important in my work and that is a challenge, this has always motivated me and drives me to perform at my best.

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